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The Quick Coding Guide by Stalking Horse LLC features easy to read font on laminated cards.


The Stalking Horse Quick Coding Guide was designed to assist you with some of the most common miscoded chronic conditions (Hypertension, CKD, Diabetes, COPD and more) in one easy to use and comprehensive reference guide. Unlike other tools, Stalking Horse’s Quick Coding Guide provides the level of specificity and detail needed to select the correct code supported by the documentation and does not narrow your selection to Risk Adjusting ICD-10-CM codes. You will also have instructional notes included so that you do not miss out on required secondary coding!

This version includes seven (7) conditions: Hypertension, Heart Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Major Depressive Disorder, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma.


The Quick Coding Guide comes laminated and connected with a ring holder for easy storage with the ability to hang it up in your office(s) or exam room(s). You are able to remove and/or add pages to the ring to keep all of your references in one place.


Please note that the Stalking Horse Quick Coding Guide does not make any guarantees and you should always reference your official current year ICD-10-CM coding book.

Quick Coding Guide

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