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Providing education to providers and HIM professionals is our pleasure! Each practice is unique, so by customizing our training materials, the education becomes more meaningful and impactful. We pride ourselves on developing training materials that are specific to your needs.  

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Our Education expertise and services include:
  • Risk Adjustment (All models/types).

  • Multispecialty Evaluation and Management Services.

  • Teaching facility services.

  • Orthopedics, Cardiology, General Surgery, Critical Care, and more!

  • Onsite presentations and remote sessions.

  • Monthly/quarterly webinars to keep your staff updated.

We provide on-site or remote education. No matter which format you choose, Stalking Horse will provide the same level of expectational training.
​If you are looking to improve or gain knowledge, check out our Academy Library to find a webinar or live session on hot topics in the industry!

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